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When we talk about maturity of a shirt, we refer to the effects nature applied after we planted the shirts in the ground. These shirts are unique pieces, every single one is different and identified by its own, personal serial number. We divided the shirts into three different stages of maturity:

Shop it Now for €48.ooShop Now for €70.ooGet it Now for €48.ooShop it Now for €65.ooGrab it for €29.9oCordo RedShop it NowGorillas Tank TopShop it Now for €39.ooGorillas capsule collection
Shop it Now for €48.oo:Velvet print on recycled organic cotton and polyester.
Shop Now for €70.oo:The finest Italian raw silk, matured in the ground.
Get it Now for €48.oo:Hand printed in Italy, 100% recycled fabric.
Shop it Now for €65.oo:The soft fleece side is on the outside.
Grab it for €29.9o:Gorillas Tee. Thick and beefy, pure cotton. Hand-made prints.
Cordo Red:3D print on 100% recycled fabric.
Shop it Now:Velvet print on recycled organic cotton and polyester.
Gorillas Tank Top:Racerback vest, lightweight cotton. Hand-made prints.
Shop it Now for €39.oo:Made of the finest organic cotton, slim fit.
Gorillas capsule collection:A raw approach, no-decoration and masculinity.
+ Gorillas


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Slim fit Tees
Tank Top

sweater him

Tee & Tank Top
Aged Tshirt

for Him
Wild Silk
sweaters her

1oo% recycled
Aged Tshirt

for Her
Peace Silk
Aged Tshirts
right on sale
Reduced price
NonViolent Silk
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